Brussels language stats

Brussels language stats

An interactive map of Brussels displaying the popularity of languages by municipality. It will shortly be followed by a similar map of Belgium.

May 2015

Putting AI in the hands of EU lobbyists

Transport and Environment

Built a zero-effort CRM using Google Apps for Work, Google Preductions API and Google Apps Script. Storing data in Google Cloud, displaying in Google Charts. Google all the way.

February - March 2015

Data-mining all news articles in the world


Pushed away from the soul-crushing J2EE Hibernate Spring Jersey Tomcat MSSQL code towards humane technologies: plain Java, AngularJS, Unix shell scripts and textutils. Did a lot of Linux system administration and performance optimizations along the way.

June 2014- January 2015

Building and monetizing a large community website

Over the course of 13 years, built a community of 800+ active contributors, 50 000±1000 members and 200+ clients.

2003 - Present

Rebuilding the IT team and a dozen of EurActiv websites


Completely restaffed the team within 6 months, Introduced Scrum, Upgraded KPIs to Page Load Time, Server Response Time, Velocity and Invested Time. Brought down costs. Boostrapped and finalized the redesign of {jobs,agenda,pr}, takeover, backoffice infrastructure upgrade, euractiv.{com,fr,de} upgrade.

May 2011 - May 2014